Advantages of our products

Home Classics International Cookware is not just intricately and beautifully designed but is also known for being durable and long-lasting. Our cookware has been designed ergonomically with the main purpose of promoting a healthy life style. By retaining the vital vitamins, proteins and minerals, the cookware is a boon for health aficionados, inspiring you to eat healthy. Our state of the art cookware not only ensures a healthy, flavorsome meal for your family but also contributes to saving a substantial amount of fuel(gas) and electricity consumption.

Healthier & Tastier Cooking Experience
Nutritional value of the food remains intact which promotes healthy living
Vitamins and minerals in the food remain intact making food not just more tastier but healthier also!
The natural aroma of the food is preserved making food more tastier & appealing!
The color and the volume of the food remains unchanged retaining its ‘farm fresh’ state with the specially engineered cookware
Specially Engineered Italian Cookware

Home Classics International Cookware designed from a combination of high quality materials and modern production techniques. Each cookware unit made of 18/10 austenitic stainless steel, a highly corrosion resistant and durable material. The Hermetic Seal used in the cookware is known for preventing the loss of the nutritional quotient of the food and considerably reducing cooking time.
The cookware is highly corrosion resistant due to an invisible passive oxide film that forms on the metal surface in the air.

Embrace a redefined way of fat-less and water-less cooking!

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