High Pot 24CM [2456]

High Pot 24CM [2456]

Your new cooking system derives from the masterly combination of high quality materials, updated production techniques with a modern and practical design.

MATERIAL: Each unit is made out of prestigious 18/10 stainless steel, an extermely resistant and hygenic material.

The mirror polishing of the external parts gives a note of light in the kitchen and allows the quick cleaning. The internal finishing is brush-polished to make the utensils scratch proof.

HANDLES: Thanks to their ergonomic shape and to the employment of thermal-insulation materials. That always allow a safe grip.

THERMOKNOB: The THERMOKNOB indicates whether the unit has been heated enough to cook at the right temperature THERMOKNOB monitors the cooking process and guides us to turn down the heat when it is necessary thereby saving energy and time.

LIDS: The edge of the lid has a special shape that prevents steam leakage. The steam cushion, which forms between the lid and the saucepan, provides a natural hermetic seal that prevents the loss of precious nourishing substances the air and considerably reduces the cooking time.

THE THERMODIFFUSING CAPSULAR BASE: The special, 15mm thick thermodiffusing capsular base accumulates the heat and spreads out gradually and evenly so as to allow the cooking of foods in their natural humidity and ensures exceptional energy saving.


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